5 reasons to hire a podcast manager you haven’t thought of before


28 May, 2024

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If you’re finding that you’re stuck on the podcasting hamster wheel and either can’t seem to get off it, or worse yet – have been flung off it while trying to cling to the bars, you’ll know that there’s a tonne that goes into releasing your podcast on a regular basis. Hiring a podcast manager can work wonders for keeping consistent and feeling like you’re bringing your A-game every week. But, besides the basic deliverables such as editing and show notes writing, and the obvious benefit of saving you anywhere from 3-5 hours per week, what other reasons might there be to hire a podcast manager that you hadn’t thought of yet?

A Shoulder to Cry On

Podcasting is not for the faint-hearted, particularly in the beginning. When it feels like you have nothing to say, or are struggling with releasing a form of content that doesn’t lend itself particularly well to getting responses from listeners, it can be pretty easy to give up. Having a podcast manager by your side means that you have that support there when the going gets tough and to help you brainstorm some ideas.

Dedicated Problem Solver

Struggling with an aspect of your podcast and don’t want to trawl through Google or ask our old friend ChatGPT for the answer? Maybe you’re wondering what information you need to get from a guest before booking them in, or where is best to put an ad in your episode. With a podcast manager on your team, you have a go-to expert on hand to answer any and all questions that come up for you. Podcast managers stay in the loop on new tools and updates, too, so you never need to worry about missing out on using a feature that your platform now offers you.

Staying Accessible

Transcripts are so important when it comes to podcasts, as they allow episodes to reach a greater number of people in society. However, AI isn’t quite there yet on word-perfect transcripts, and they definitely need to have a human’s eye go over it and make sure there’s nothing been transcribed wrong that could be a little inappropriate! (find that transcription I saw once). Having your podcast manager give your transcripts a tidy up will make a world of difference in allowing you to remain accessible, while having confidence in the fact that your transcripts are accurate.

A Whole Network

Ever think “if only I could find a guest who could talk about XYZ”? Well, it’s likely your podcast manager will have a network of potential guests they could ask to come on your show, or a network of other podcast managers who they could reach out to, to help recommend the best guest possible for that episode you really want to record. That saves you time trawling through Instagram or Facebook groups, trying to find that needle in a haystack.

Analytics and Performance

Other than a quick glance at your downloads, it can be hard to put the time into working out what episodes have done well and which haven’t done so well. Do they have anything in common? Does your audience not resonate with a particular topic? Which types of guests does your audience prefer? A podcast manager can analyse all of the data your platform offers, allowing you to make decisions about what episodes you want to release in future to maximise your listeners experience!

To Sum Up

There are so many obvious reasons to hire a podcast manager – having an expert work on your podcast so that your episodes can be presented to your audience in the best possible light, saving you loads of time and stress each week, and keeping you accountable. But, as you have seen, there are so many other reasons to hire a podcast manager that you just might not have considered yet! Let me know in the comments which reason you hadn’t thought of before, and as always, if you need help with your podcast, you can check out my services here. Also, don’t forget to jump over to my homepage to sign up for my fortnightly newsletter so you can get more podcasting advice straight to your inbox. Catch you in the next one!

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