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20 June, 2024

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Podcasting can easily take up a lot of your time – I’m definitely not one to dispute that! However, if you go into podcasting with some good habits in place, it can make it a much, much easier process for you that will allow you to get your episodes out on time, on a consistent basis, and without too much trouble. Below, I’m sharing three big things that successful podcasters do in order to stay front of mind for their audiences, and spoiler alert: they’re not groundbreaking or difficult, which means anyone can start putting them in place too!

1. Creating a plan in your project management tool and (*cough* most importantly) sticking to it 🙊

As the best therapist I ever had told me, “follow the plan, not the feeling”. What she meant by this was when I was very low, if I had put “lunch” in my calendar for 1pm, I had to go and eat something – whether I wanted to or not.

If you’re a podcaster, you’ve got to be putting your episodes in your calendar ahead of time, so that when you’re feeling a bit flat about creating new episodes, you’ve already got your plan sorted and just need to follow through with it.

If you’re making up each episode on the fly every week, it’s so easy to have no episode ideas and just push back recording to next week. This isn’t the end of the world, and it’s important to have flexibility in our schedules, but it’s so easy to let one week turn into two, turn into three, and suddenly you haven’t released an episode in months and your listeners are wondering where you went.

Side note: I’m not saying you can never quickly release an episode based on something that’s happened in the week or a new trend going around – it’s just so much easier and more reliable to push back the rest of your episodes and squeeze something like this in, rather than relying on it as your podcast strategy!

2. Yes, it goes hand in hand with number one, but – recording ahead 🎙️

If you have weeks where you are just so busy you haven’t got time to record your planned episode, how nice would it be to know you have a little backlog of episodes to choose from if you need one in a pinch? Or batch your episodes so you’re recording 3 or 4 from your plan in one go.

When you get ill, or overwhelmed, or your kids are on half term, you’re going to without doubt realise it’s way too hard to record that episode you had planned.

3. Keeping your equipment to hand 🖐️

If you’ve read Atomic Habits, you’ll know all about the first law – “make it obvious”. If your podcast mic sits on your desk, rather than away in a drawer somewhere, you’ll be so much more likely to reach for it because it’s not a hassle to get it out, get the wires sorted, plug it all in, grab your pop filter, etc. Also, go and read Atomic Habits if you haven’t, because it’s an excellent book that can easily be applied to podcasting habits too!

To Sum Up

There’s just three snippets of some habits that great podcasters have – I’d love to know, what’s been the biggest change or habit you’ve implemented that’s influenced your podcasting for the better? Comment below and let me know! If you’re still struggling to get your episodes out consistently, maybe you need to outsource some of the technical side of things – we can help with editing, show notes, graphics and more.

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