Hey there, I'm Lauren.

Podcast Manager &
 Dog Lover

I'm here to make your podcasting journey a breeze, so you can focus on creating killer content while I handle the rest. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your podcast to new heights, I've got you covered.
I'll be your behind-the-scenes wizard, so say goodbye to the guesswork and hello to a podcast you'll truly love.

I craved consistency.

Considering I spent 6 years of my life with depression (almost entirely caused by work), I never could have imagined finding a day job that truly lit me up. When the pandemic caused me to be made redundant, I set off on an adventure to find my true calling (as cheesy as that sounds!). At the time, I barely even knew that the online business world existed and when I found it, I never wanted to leave! With my background as an office coordinator, my organisational skills, time management and just generally always being "on top of it", I found myself naturally drawn to the role of an OBM. Let me tell you, though - the wide range of daily tasks was totally overwhelming. Variety is definitely not the spice of life! It was during the period of my 2 years as an OBM that by pure chance, I edited some audio for a client, got totally in the zone and my manifesting generator (hello human design!) gut reaction practically beat me round the head - this is what I was meant to be doing! I then invested in my podcasting education and now with almost 100 client episodes under my belt, I can’t believe my luck in discovering my dream work - giving voices the spotlight they deserve and helping businesses blossom.

I've been a lot of things. Physics student, hairdresser, office go-to, tech whizz, online business manager.

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Work Together

Tom and I met at uni in 2014 and he's been my rock ever since. I sometimes jokingly call him my business coach as I run a LOT of decisions past him (despite him having never run a business!)

I've spent 9 years with the love of my life

His name is Percy and he's the best little boy you ever met. He recently celebrated his 11th birthday with a long walk and his favourite cheesy bites.

My poodle is my best friend

I've been to the British Grand Prix in Silverstone 6 times, met 7 drivers (inc. Lewis, Seb & Kimi!) and watch it religiously on race weekends.

I'm obsessed with formula 1

Ready for some fun facts?

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Head on over to my services page to see more details on working with me. I'd love to start making your podcast dreams a reality!

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