I'm Lauren. Podcast manager, dog lover and tea addict.

When I'm not listening to or editing podcasts (which is a big chunk of my life), you'll either find me in the kitchen at parties, or partaking in one of my old-lady hobbies.

lauren x

Tom and I met at uni in 2014 and he's been my rock ever since. I sometimes jokingly call him my business coach as I run a LOT of decisions past him (despite him having never run a business!)

I've spent 9 years with the love of my life

His name is Percy and he's the best little boy you ever met. He recently celebrated his 11th birthday with a long walk and his favourite cheesy bites.

My poodle is my best friend

I've been to the British Grand Prix in Silverstone 6 times, met 7 drivers (inc. Lewis, Seb & Kimi!) and watch it religiously on race weekends.

I'm obsessed with Formula 1

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