This means that you’re always in “firefighting mode” so you don’t have time to see how you could be working smarter, not harder (you’re already working damn hard, right?) and although you love serving your clients, you just feel like your poor old business isn’t getting the love and attention it deserves.

Whether that’s through a lack of automations, a tech platform that you just aren’t using properly or no planning for the future at all, you’re starting to feel like you could do with an extra set of eyes and hands on your business.

That’s where I step in! I’m Lauren, a dog-loving, pizza-eating, Formula 1-addicted West Country girl currently living in London, UK. I just LOVE helping creative service providers and agencies feel like they are able to actually do the work they love (serve those clients!) and feel relaxed knowing that the rest of their business slots in around that. Whether I handle the day to day operations in a long term retainer, or just work on a few areas in a project we’ve agreed to, I’m so happy to spend time chatting with you and see where we feel my expertise could best be put to use!

If you want to learn more, you can access my services page here or send me a message over on Instagram here! Any and all questions are always welcome!

Let me guess… you started your business for fun, freedom and more time with family and friends, but you’re completely stuck in the day to day running of your business and don’t know how to get out of it?

My Favourites

Wondering what tools & products I really love to work with? This isn't an exhaustive list, but these are my absolute favourites! Click on the logo to learn more about the tool or product!

(Each of these links will take you to the platform, and some may be affiliate links - if you sign up you may get a discount depending on the platform's affiliate program and I will receive a small commission!)

Click on the logo for more information to appear here!

Dubsado is THE all-in-one business management platform for online service providers. It's responsible for sending out your contracts, invoices, proposals, questionnaires AND you can even set up workflows so that it sends these things automatically! It's hands down my favourite platform and saves me SO MUCH TIME. I get constant comments from new clients about how smooth the process is and they always want their own set up too!
Best of all, it's free to try for up to 3 clients, so you can learn the ropes without any financial commitment!


Kajabi is an all-in-one tool which works really well for coaches and educators! It's mostly known for hosting your online courses, but it also allows you to create memberships, contact your customers & leads via email marketing, create sales pages and funnels and even host your website in there too. It's also super user friendly and easy to learn.
If you want one platform that has pretty much everything in there, Kajabi could be a great option for you!


Kartra is an all-in-one tool that is incredibly robust and can do most things you could ever need!
You can host courses & memberships, as well as contact your customers through email marketing, create sales pages & funnels, run automations, host helpdesks, calendars, surveys and more!
It has a steeper learning curve than something like Kajabi, but it's a really great tool to use if your business is ready for it!


PolicyBee is an insurance company for UK based small businesses and charities. There's not a ton to be said about insurance, but I have only had an excellent experience with PolicyBee so far! Incredibly, with their referral program both parties get £20 if a policy is taken out with them which is really generous.
Of course, with insurance you have total peace of mind and business protection, so it's a no brainer really!


If you like the look of my website, you'll want to take a look at Showit! Showit is hands down the easiest website platform I've ever used and it'll forever be the one I recommend to clients. It's completely drag-and-drop, so there's no coding knowledge required and you can totally customise anything to be exactly how you like it! There's even free templates to get you started but ultimately anything you create in Showit will be beautiful and effortless!


ConvertKit is my favourite email marketing platform. It's so simple to use, makes really professional looking emails and utilises great features like templates and snippets. It also integrates natively with a ton of different other softwares (so you don't need to waste your Zaps in Zapier!) and it's pretty inexpensive too.


Wandering Aimfully (or WAIM, for short) is my favourite monthly coaching membership, run by Jason & Caroline Zook. As part of the membership, I get access to everything they've EVER made (and there's a lot!), monthly live coaching sessions, a free Teachery account for hosting my own courses, a Notion Starter Pack and the star of the show is the private Slack community to make loads of new connections!
Best of all, once you hit 20 payments (or 5 if you're on the Faster plan), you never, ever have to pay for anything again!



WAIM only opens twice a year, but with this link you can purchase at any time!

Deya's Digital Business Manager Bootcamp is the course I took when I was making the transition from Tech VA to OBM. It gave me so much knowledge and confidence through thorough trainings across all pillars of business management work, numerous templates and a private Slack channel to chat with others who are in the same position! Deya has a ton of experience and is always willing to give you advice, and I'm forever grateful that I took this course!


Airtable is a program that is a wonderful mash-up of Excel/Google Sheets, Zapier & Google Forms. It's basically a database platform but also utilises forms, automations and dashboards too. It comes in handy in EVERY client business I've worked it - I'm confident that there's no business that couldn't benefit from a little bit of Airtable! Whether it's a client hub, or a way for people to give you feedback and testimonials AND keep them organised - Airtable is definitely a platform you need to check out!


ClickUp is my favourite project management tool and it's honestly the only reason I can get up and do work every day. Any time I'm ever assigned a task, it goes straight into ClickUp and I organise my tasks based on different areas of my business. ClickUp also has great automations to save you a ton of time! I recommend that all my clients get ClickUp and they all love it as much as I do!


Zapier is a BEAST of a program! It easily links together all of your other programs so that they talk to each other and prevent you having to complete manual steps each and every time you need to do something. For example, when someone purchases from you in Kajabi, you could tell Zapier to send that record into an Airtable base so that you have a record of all purchases. The options for "Zaps" (what they call the links between programs) are basically endless!


Notion is an amazing workspace tool that I love for creating a "Business Hub" (and honestly, for a ton of personal lists too!). I used to use it as my main project management tool but the lack of recurring tasks sent me over to ClickUp - so if that's not a deal breaker for you, you might love Notion for project management too! Notion utilises "blocks" that come in a number of different types for you to totally customise your workspace and make it work for you exactly how you want it to!


Penfold is a UK-based pension provider and my favourite one to use! I have complete control over my pension and how much gets paid in. It's so easy for me to see how much I have in there and it was a cinch for me to transfer in my previous workplace pensions. Saving for your retirement is incredibly important and for that reason if you sign up using my Penfold link, we'll both get £25!


Mental health is the most important thing in business & life.

In treating people how you want to be treated.

You don't have to be a workaholic to be successful. Really.

I believe: