4 simple ways to stay consistent with your podcast and avoid pod-fade


16 May, 2024

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Struggling to stick to that recording and release schedule you were convinced was manageable? If you’re finding that you’re hashing together episodes two hours before your episode is due to go out, keep reading! In this article, I’m rounding up the top four things I regularly see my clients using which keeps them committed to recording and releasing regularly without the stress, meaning they have high-quality episodes going out on a consistent schedule.

Using a Project Management Tool like ClickUp

Honestly, I’m in love with ClickUp! I think it’s the one business tool that I could never, ever get rid of. It has every single task I need to do daily housed in it. I’m even writing the bones of this blog post in it! Whether it’s ClickUp or another similar PM tool, a consistent podcaster will need a place to house their tasks.

We all know there’s a lot of things involved with releasing episodes on a regular basis. From outlining, recording, editing, creating and proofing transcripts, writing show notes, creating graphics, reels, TikToks or audiograms, scheduling, emailing about your new episode, writing blog posts or even repurposing the episode into smaller pieces of content, how are you supposed to just remember to do all of these things? Well, you aren’t – and that’s why you need to work smarter, not harder. With ClickUp, you can even create templates and automations. Simply create the task, and the tool will generate all of your sub-tasks with due dates. All you need to do is log on each day and see what you have to do!

Time Blocking & Batching

Time blocking, in essence, is marking off chunks of time in your calendar when you’re going to get things done. Combine this with batching, where you’d record a few episodes at a time, means you can get ahead with your podcast in one fell swoop. Recording four to five episodes (approximately a month’s worth of episodes) in a batching session would be ideal. It might be hard to get everything done in one day, so play around with it. Working a month ahead of schedule, you could record in a chunk one week, write the show notes the next, create promo materials the week after, and then finally get everything scheduled in the last week of the month.

Don’t Commit to Weekly Episodes if You Can’t

Weekly episodes are almost the gold standard in podcasting – frequent enough to stay in your listeners minds, but not so frequent that they end up with a backlog of episodes to get through. However, if weekly doesn’t work for you – don’t do it! There’s no point saying you’re going to release episodes weekly and then burning out after four episodes. If you decided to release fortnightly instead, you might have found that’s a schedule that works for you better. Play around with what feels good for you! You can always start more infrequently and build up to weekly as you get more au fait with your recording and producing abilities.

Outsource Everything Except Recording

You knew it was coming. Consider this: what if all you had to do was sit down one day a month and record your episodes? Literally, just the fun bit? I’ve seen it time and time again – people just don’t realise how much goes into producing one episode of a podcast. Of course, you could decide to leave it unedited, cobble together a quick description and then never mention the episode again, but what impression does that give your audience? In my opinion, if you’re going to bother with having a podcast, you should do it well enough that you WANT to keep talking about it. Not something you feel low-key a bit embarrassed about, to the point it’s almost not even part of your business.

Working with me, you’ll send me over your episodes and I’ll turn them into something you can be truly proud of. And if batching’s not your thing, that’s fine too – I just find it helps! For more info, head to my services page here.

To Sum Up

In short, staying consistent involves being organised and prepared while not overcommitting yourself. It doesn’t hurt to have a bit of help, either! I’m always happy to chat over ways you could make your podcast easier for you, whether that’s with my help or without. Feel free to drop me a DM on Instagram @laurenmccomish or you can get me on email at hello@laurenmccomish.com. Let’s chat over how you can make your podcast one that your listeners love to see the notification for!

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